About Colopl

Business Description

COLOPL's mission is "Entertainment in Real Life" -- making everyday life more enjoyable and wonderful for people everywhere. Based on this mission, we aim to make people's everyday lives richer through entertainment. Our services, which began with Web game applications for feature phones, currently focus on native game applications for smartphones. We are also keeping a close watch on the evolution of devices, and are beginning to offer applications for VR (Virtual Reality) devices.

① Domestic Mobile Games Services

We provide mobile game applications to the domestic market. Currently, our main offerings are native applications for smartphones, such as "White Cat Project" and "Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz." Multiple titles from COLOPL are among the top in the sales rankings of stores such as the App Store and Google Play. A distinctive feature and strength of COLOPL is that we offer multiple game applications with different properties and characteristics. Our aim is to develop a "build-up sales model," in which each year we build up sales "tiers" by offering multiple titles each year and generating many hit titles from among these. Our many titles and the characters that appear in them are produced in-house, and almost all related intellectual property belongs to the company. Going forward, we plan to push ahead with business development leveraging intellectual property.

Domestic Mobile Games Services

② Overseas Mobile Games Services

The Company uses two distribution methods: we distribute on our own and we work with overseas local distribution partners. When we distribute on our own, the Company books the entire amount of sales but also bears platform usage fees and advertising costs. When we work with a distribution partner, the Company books a certain percentage of revenues as sales.

Overseas Mobile Games Services

③ VR Service

We provide services for VR devices. VR stands for Virtual Reality, in which someone enters a 360-degree virtual world by wearing a HMD (Head-Mounted Display). Users feel as if they have disappeared into a different world. Many research institutions expect the VR market to grow into a large market as devices become more sophisticated and the number of device owners increases. We Colopl group proactively invest in VR area taking a three-pronged approach that comprises VR games, 360-degree videos, and a VR-specialty fund.

VR Service

④ Other Services

The Outing Research Lab, which strives to utilize location data, primarily provides nationwide municipalities and operating companies such as rail companies with location data analysis consulting services. The Lab also provides "Smart Answer," a research service dedicated to smartphones.

Other Services